About Us


With over 20 years of professional experience, Palmer Heavy Equipment takes pride in providing high-quality, safe, and reliable civil design and general construction services to the industrial, commercial, and residential markets in the Louisiana Gulf Coast Region.

Serving Louisiana over 20 years, Palmer Heavy Equipment has grown to become one of the leading, safe and versatile civil construction design and management general contractors in the industrial, commercial, and residential market.

Our corporate mission is to continue to provide our clients with value-added solution-based civil construction management services spearheading innovative processes within industry while promoting safe industry work practices for heavy equipment handling for our staff, well as our industry peers.

Our corporate vision is to consistently and efficiently grow the value of our company by providing the highest value-added services to our clients, continue to grow, promote and provide a safe and positive work environment for our team members, as well as maintain the highest level of professionalism and integrity Palmer Heavy Equipment has been known for.

Owner: Doug Palmer

Why Choose Palmer Heavy Equipment?

At Palmer Heavy Equipment, we believe in solving problems, providing solution based civil construction services by partnering with our clients, building long term business relationships centered around trust and credibility.

We work closely with our customers in advising the most efficient and cost-effective civil construction solutions that directly fits within their budget.

We continue to invest heavily in the training and education of our staff, offering internal advancement and organic growth within our organization, as well as promote safe and ethical work practices that aligns with our company’s core values and industry standards.

Apart from the passion and quality in our work, investment in our people, and added value to our clients, we take a vast amount of pride in the up-keep of our state of the art equipment by performing routine inspections and maintenance, maintaining the quality control of our equipment and record keeping, as well as implementing safe work practice and heavy equipment procedures, safety management processes, clean housekeeping, and proper PPE for our team.

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